I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet

I Dropped My Phone In The Toilet. If you’ve dropped your phone in water and are reading this in a hurry, skip down. Okay.so you are probably here for a reason.

I DROPPED MY PHONE DOWN THE TOILET!!!!!!! (Caught on from www.youtube.com

If you’ve dropped your phone in water and are reading this in a hurry, skip down. First you will flush the toilet to drain the water and remove the phone when the water level is at a minimum. This is because the liquid can be complex (different water pressure, unpurified stuff, etc.), which could affect the phone parts.

“I Dropped It In My Coffee”, Or “My Friend Accidentally Spilled Beer On My Phone”.

You need to get your phone away from whatever the source of water is. Remember, you may not have finished going to the toilet! If dropping your iphone in your home toilet i would say the circumstance would be less severe but still, it would be a monumental “l” to take.

Ahhh Ok Well The Quickest Way To Solve The Problem Is Take Your Troubled Phone Outside ,Lay It On The Concrete Floor ,Get A Large Hammer And Strike The Troubled Phone As Hard As You Can ,Don’t Forget The Safety Glasses First.

You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of cold sweats or a lighter wallet! I dropped my phone in the toilet! You either dropped your iphone or other phone in the toilet like i did, or maybe your cat accidentally knocked over your glass of ice water.right onto your phone.

Don't Panic—If You've Dropped Your Smartphone Into The Sink, Toilet, Or Any Other Body Of Water, You May Be Able To Save It.

Did you know that the toilet and bath account for almost 35% of all phones that have been liquid damaged? While some sources recommend sticking your phone in a bag of rice to draw out the moisture, many others (including local repair shops we spoke to) say this doesn't work and can actually harm your. Phone in toilet, phone in toilet!” might be the first words you squeal.

If That Doesn’t Work Either, Your Best Bet Is An Insurance Claim Or A New Phone.

Dry it off with a paper towel. If it does not turn on after the drying process, try using a new battery. The phone already shorted out.

If You Are Too Scared To Get Your Hands Dirty In The Toilet Water, Then Use An Aquarium Fish Net Or A Colander Spoon If You Have One.

It might still be damaged, according to some tests. I accidentally dropped my iphone xs in the toilet bowl. Take your iphone out of the case.

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