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Here are some samples of work produced by members of Rochester Movie Makers.

2015 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

M2M2015TV – Episode 1

M2M2015TV – Episode 2


What are you giving up this year?

Winner of the 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge for 2015 –

Character: An Addict
Prop: A Weapon
Situation: A Weapon causes a Catastrophe


In this reality TV show, two contestants compete to determine whether a house is haunted or simply in disrepair.

Given a randomly-assigned character, prop, and situation, we had 72 hours to conceptualize, write, act, shoot, edit, and deliver a completed 5-minute (or less, credits not included) short film. Given “an intellectual,” “a communicator,” and “the intellectual enters a contest,” this is what we made.

CAST: Anna McCabe, Kate Stathis, Kevin Gustina, Lee Iannone
WITH: D. Kingsley, Rachel Ludwig
SOUND: Adam Lubitow
HAND MODEL: Kathy Laluk
SHOT ON LOCATION AT: Ravin’s House, Rochester, NY
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Molly Miles, KaeLyn Rich, Christi Peterson & Michael Peterson
STORY & EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Matt DeTurck, Katie Kumler, Adam Lubitow
SCREENPLAY: Katie Kumler
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Team “Str82Post”

Jay Berardi – Director of Photography, Ken Rhodes – Director, Editor, Sound, Noel Bastien – Writer and P.A., Susan Aser – “Nuri the Seer” and Location Manager, Ty Dibble – “The Bookkeeper”, Writer and P.A., Tyler Aser – “Amelia” Produced by Str82VDO Productions. Written, Shot, and Edited in 2 days total. Shot in Rochester NY Jan 24th.

SICK by Mad Ravens 
Character: A Representative
Prop: An Instrument
Situation: Representative makes a wish


Iscorg Productions

A friendship is put in jeopardy by an accident caused by an unassuming piece of produce. The three elements: produce, a cynic and the produce causes a catastrophe.

2014 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

First Place: “Ed” by Claydogh

Second Place: “Final Chapter” by Moment Driven Media

Editing Prize: “Hook Up My Son!” by Lemon Fresh Bastards

Mind2Movie Interviews

2013 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

Non-Cents from Dave Evers on Vimeo.

First Place Winner, and Best Editing Winner of the 2013 Rochester Movie Makers 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge.
Each team was given 3 elements to complete an under 5 minute short film, our elements were:
Character: Touchy Host
Prop: Exact Change
Scenario: Meeting Your Match

“Hunting & Fishing” won second place in the 2013 Rochester Movie Maker’s “72-Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge”!
STORY & EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Matt DeTurck, Katie Kumler, Adam Lubitow
SCREENPLAY: Katie Kumler

barcode 23742 from Rajesh Barnabas on Vimeo.

starring: N’Jelle Gage, Quinn Lawrence, Melinda Blythe Phillips, B-flat Sharp, MKP, Roscoe, Erica Barnabas, Neketha Breedlove, Anthony Bellamy
Music by Invisible Conga People / Justin Simon & Eric Tsai
Directed by Rajesh Barnabas
Camera 2: Rastavon Lavon Jones
Choreography by Futurpointe Dance

Gentleman’s Agreement from Jose Casado on Vimeo.

The mission is to eliminate a retired spy and tie up some loose ends, but when friendship and loyalty are at odds, which will prevail?
The 3 elements that needed to be included were:
1- an old spy
2- an improvised weapon
3- making a deal

Wish List from Scott W. Fitzgerald (FPP) on Vimeo.

Three elements:
Character: Stubborn Master
Prop: an Idol
Situation: Birthday Surprise
Script to score in 72 hours.

“PADS” From Patrick Jaouen

“Human” from Ben Doran

2012 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

Dawn of the Lemons from Mike Davidson on Funny or Die

Loud and Clear from Stan Main on Vimeo.

My Drunken Uncle’s Intervention (2012) Directed by Davey Jarrell

2011 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

Aliens Among Us from Paul Tracy on Vimeo.

Brief Vision

Directed by Dan Petracca
Produced by Stan Main

On your mark… get set… Push!
Directed by Vanessa Tobis
Produced by Mary Willkens

Directed by Mike Boas
Written by Mike Russo
Shot by Curt Markham

2010 72 Hour Mind 2 Movie Challenge

Croquet the Musical
Directed by Mike Boas and Mike Russo
Written by Mike Russo
Shot by Derrick Petrush

2010 Summer Shorts

Coffee Black
Directed by Franklin Kielar
Written by Michele Cardulla

Directed by Franklin Kielar
Written by Laurie A. Stone

2009 Winter Shorts

Corbette’s Glen – The Documentariette

Directed and Edited by Stan Main

2009 Summer Shorts

“The Wingman” Trailer

Directed by Derrick Petrush
Written by Mike Russo

Virgin Fang
Written and Directed by Mike Russo
Shot by Stan Main

2008 Summer Shorts

One Kill (Trailer)

Written by Mike Russo
Chopped by Derrick Petrush

Trailer for X-Girlfriend

Directed by Stan Main
Written by Devon Gilbert