Summer Shorts


During the summer months, producers will assemble groups, choose screenplays, and shoot their shorts. If you, as a writer, want to produce your own short, RMM is here to help. We can also set up producer meetings to aid in any production issues.

If you are interested in working on one of the RMM Summer Shorts as Director, Producer, Crew or Actor stop by any RMM meeting and sign up. No experience is necessary. We are looking especially for producers and editors.

Calendar Overview

Script Reading Event
Script-A-Palooza kicks off the season at our March general meeting.

Spring Auditions
Multiple parts from multiple scripts can be auditioned.

Producer Meetings
Got issues to discuss?  Contact Stan to arrange a meeting. stan AT rochestermoviemakers DOT org

Short Films are produced
April through August

Summer Shorts are screened
At a special “Shmoovies!” screening the following summer.


Here are three good release forms for any filmmaker to use. It’s very important to get people’s permission up front — actors, crew, everyone — so there are no misunderstandings later on. Also, when it comes time to submit your film for distribution, you may be asked to prove you have releases.